nyallo !! chi or kiki tuning in ,, cisfem cupioromantic ,, im a minor & gemini !! 06.08 it/her, seasian, etc.

welcome to my commissions carrd. here is where i display all of the information for anything related to my commissions and works !!

quick note slow replies occasionally ++ CST timezone — ib hourlyriti


carrds My carrd plans range from nonpro to pro plus, all of which having individual prices in order to maintain a steady line of profit for me! These range from $2-20!

rentries Since rentry requires no subscriptions or payment, my rentries are much cheaper at a price of $1-10!

neocities Due to me needing to code the entire thing myself, unlike carrd or rentry, neocities cost alot more! They range from anywhere $10-100!